Crows and Frogs

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About Crows and Frogs
Crows and Frogs is my small business and general online presence as a artist creating fan works and original works. It is currently only a part-time endeavor, however I am building towards making it a larger part of my life 
Why This Name?
 I chose the name “Crows and frogs” Because I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself into a name that I felt would eventually have connotations I would no longer relate to or feel connected to. With Crows, they are mysterious, mischievous scoundrels and lovely friends you can find just about anywhere. Frogs, while less common, are well known. Amphibians in general, and frogs as well, have reputation as either very cute and lovely, or slightly mystical, slimy and kind of icky. I chose to put both together because I feel that both are on the intersection of creepy, weird and cute. All of which I feel are very genuine to me as a person and the type of art and things I want to create and have in my life.
About Ciuapilli Lopez
I am Ciuapilli, otherwise known as CP, the artist behind Crows and Frogs! I created crows and frogs media in an effort to create a brand for myself outside of my personal life as well as have my art be more accessible to those that have no idea how to pronounce “Ciuapilli.” I am a chicano artist raised mostly in California. My pronouns are They/Them, I Identify as Non-binary trans-masc asexual. I am currently a full-time college student majoring in Art to become an art teacher of middle school or high schoolers. I am incredibly passionate in my advocacy for accessibility in education, children’s rights, and mental health. These issues are very dear to me and I hope to use my skills to educate and raise awareness. When able, I am an avid fan service creator for media I enjoy. I am a bold and mostly unrepentant hyperfixator because of my ADHD. I admit that I tend to either mention symptoms or experiences in my art, sketchbook, and updates of my struggles with health. I won’t disclose all my diagnoses, nor the depth of my struggles except perhaps in life updates (that you can of course skip over, I include warnings always) for Patreon. 
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